The Last One


In a barren, lonely world, one where humanity suffers greatly, there are but a few – perhaps but one – who will make it their journey to nurture the garden of humanity. These individuals are born alone, unable to connect with those around them, but gifted with the understanding of what must be done to pave the way to the end of suffering. On their journey, they are faced with many trials, and have the threat of losing their way dangled in front of them, but the prospect of the goal stays within, even if it is momentarily forgotten.

The reason they are born with an inability to bond with others – to be alone – is because that they are being prepared for the end of their journey – to bare the mark of a sacrifice. The individual is faced with a decision: to sacrifice themselves, to give up their ‘life’ – the joy, the hope, the relatability, to be free of loneliness, or to continue on, to not give up these things, and to therefore live in the illusion of them. This is an important part of the journey, the decision, because the preparation… the loneliness given onto the individual from birth, is given so that the individual can therefore experience what their life will entail when agreeing to sacrifice themselves. If the individual did not know what these things felt like, then they might not understand just how horrible and real the sacrifice really is. If they did not know, if they only knew simply of the negative implications that followed these words, they may agree unconsidered, and regret, and the regret would simply not be sufficient for someone to bare the mark with all that is within his will.

Surrounded with connections, seeing all of the things they sacrificed, being constantly reminded of the pain they will have to endure, this individual has now bore the invisible mark that the illusions step on.

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