The Caged Tiger


In a world that is not her own, animosity takes to her core. She is the fire surrounded by water; throwing her flame further than she can reach, onset to her destructive path. She is spiteful towards the small world she is confined within, playing the game to win, for that is all she has in her able grasp. Much like her counterpart, Cleopatra, she moves like a seductress and works like a Machiavellian. Due to her loss of control in this reality, she looks to those easily influenced by her charm and intimidation. This world she lives in, where she feels a loss of control, is a world where she cannot manipulate the men around her; she is with women and women alone, thus causing the seductress great failure in her ability to gain control at any means, and can develop into something much worse, and much more destructive, this chaotic and sporadic element of fire itself.

In this small world of women, she is alone, for her very nature is to surpass other women and focus on becoming the dominant female beside the chosen dominant male. When there are no men to be manipulated or to gain control with, she is left with becoming the dominant female among women. She tries not with her femininity to gain control, but her fearsome behaviour, befriending women along the way, using them as ladder steps to the top, stabbing them in the heart when she is through with their usefulness. Although she carefully takes the steps to further herself among these women, fire often forgets just how much she can spread before burning herself in the process.

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