All directions I am surrounded in. Myself I am unaware. Confusion unsettles me, yet this is a repeating consciousness. In Divinity we are devoid. In darkness we avoid. We repeat to be repeated. A mirror we behave in out of distrust. Structure inescapable but within reach just as any prison we are born into. Nature – can it be broken? How can we think alone? Have an original thought. Consume nothing. Do not be influenced. It is too late. You cannot erase everything. You cannot erase existence. You cannot rewrite an experience. To live, to experience, to alter, to understand all that is disorganized. A need for us to categorize and create systems of understanding – we must, but we cannot. Why can I not think outside of brain chemistry? Can I will myself away from an altering substance if we can so willingly manifest more than reason into existence? Can this be so easily done as it is not with what we accept? How can we accept without questioning? How can we not simply re-explore the explored, not just the unexplored?

We have said something similar – are we not the same? We display differences, but are we so different? We are mimics of a set of footprints. It never ends. We will end but we will also never end. Thoughts travel great distances. Every time I think in my awakened state, something pushes me back. Be compliant. Be docile. Don’t think too hard or you will begin to see our fallacies and our existence to destroy. You may escape.

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