The Egotism of Defamation


One of the worst crimes that can be committed against man or woman, is defamation of character. A man, standing for honor, pride, and courage; a woman standing for humility, patience, and virtue. To take any of these traits from someone’s character away is putrid and vile. It takes an exceptionally low desperation to want to disgrace an unsuspecting innocent. For a man to disgrace a woman is not only displaying a pitiful act of vengeance or unnecessary wrath, but shows just how powerless and lesser they are. Rummaging around for crumbs of power and all he finds is momentary smugness. It is enough in his shallow life, this momentary smugness, to seek more, and he does so, defaming women all around him. Why not men? If this man were to discredit another man, a much stronger, honorable man, he would certainly pay the price, but a woman, with less credibility in present-day is a much easier target for self-satisfactory. Man may defame man, for they have born credibility, they have opportunity for defense. A man’s word weighs with heavy influence over the people. To defame a woman where she has little to no influence alone will leave her reputation permanently sabotaged.

What does this type of man gain? Is he so abhorrent in all of his ways that he cannot simply heed to the decency of common man? The only word against a woman any man should have should be behind closed doors, between loving hearts. Childish and pathetic for any man to have something to say about any woman he has no business with.

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