The Persephone

The Fate of Persephone, 1877 (oil & tempera on canvas)

Seldom does a man with a rotten core poison the heart of the most innocent of maidens. When her heart is poisoned, she becomes trapped innocence. Unlike her counterparts, who give their purity to the man of their choosing, she keeps the innocent mind, and naivety, but her will is taken away from her. The man feeds on her innocence over a lifetime. She remains by his side for survival of her purity and fear that the man can destroy it in a single moment. She learns over time that she is far safer with him than being on her own, even if she gives the man the illusion of her love. She too is confined in her own illusion; the illusion of the compliant wife.

She was not once as controllable. In the beginning of her imprisonment, she would look for any means of escape. Her failed attempts are often noticed by the man, and he puts her in her place with his stupendous strength. His ability to bend her at his will does not only come from his hand, rather, from the weak foundation of his masculinity. His power is sated from overpowering the weakest archetype of women.

If she does end up having the breakthrough of courage to escape, she is no longer innocent, nor trapped. She becomes broken, and too broken for any man to confide in. This is why she accepts her fate with the man who has her trapped.

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