The Cleopatra


Lust is a weakness in every man; temptation an unceasing war. If men can be swayed so easily by the softness of a woman, this gives women a dangerous advantage in her life if she so chooses to walk this way. Man’s will in the grasp of a woman enables her to guide him to fulfilling her own desires and forgetting all about his own. He is under her thumb, and he takes the fall for her when trouble arises. This woman is the femme fatale concealed behind an angelic appearance. No woman is as dangerous as the temptress.

She is the Machiavellian; intelligent and motivated enough to take everything from a man. Her selfish impulse tends to nullify her character as the mother, as she lives for herself, and herself alone. For a woman, acquiring power through the manipulation of the men around her becomes an addictive exploit. Man’s ultimate desire has always been that of greater power, and when a small amount of such power is tasted by a woman, she becomes intoxicated. Filled with blood lust, the temptress learns from man so that she may play the man’s game and make her moves disguised behind man himself. She is better protected than any woman. Involving herself in the men around her creates a barrier from harm, and she is able to project her own ideas from the throne for her men to carry out.

She encircles herself with many men, keeping other women at a watchful distance, knowing that they are capable of exposing her position. The only other women she will keep around are servants and her own kin, women who she has immense influence or control over. It is integral to the Cleopatra that she stay in power; she is nothing without it. She is cunning, and there is only room for one woman on the throne.

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